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Photo by Jeahn Laffitte on Unsplash



Octopus are the most fun aquarium animal in the world.....smart, they change colours and they have super personalities.

So we  have started a project that could change the world for these very cool creatures. Millions of octopus (or octopi, octopuses or octopodes) are eaten every year but very little is known about rearing the young.

Home Octo-Ranchers will learn how to look after these cool dudes, and then send the animals back so we can learn to breed and eventually to take a lot of pressure off the wild populations!

Plus have a lot of fun caring for these uber awesome animals!


 Become an Octo-Rancher by purchasing one our  OctoRanches and we will provide an octopus as they become available! 

Then just swap'n'go and start again.

To order an OctoRanch you need to


visit our facility in


Port Stephens