How much is entry?

$15 for kids and seniors; $20 for adults. Anyone in a pram is free.

Membership includes free entry until 30th of June 2021.

What are your opening hours?

School Holidays: Everyday from 10-4pm.

Non School Holidays: We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Every other day 10-4pm.

How long can we stay?

As long as you like though. At busy times the cafe seating is reserved for cafe customers only.

How many people can enter at once?

We have strict COVID-19 protocols, so the number of people allowed on the premises is 120.

Do we get to feed the sharks and rays?

Everyone who pays to undertake shark and ray training will get some food to feed the animals. 

Can we come if it is raining?

We are totally enclosed, making the centre a perfect place to go when it is raining. 

Shark Training

​What do we wear if we want to go in the water? 

Bring your swimmers, a shirt or rashy (you must have something to cover you up top) and something for your feet if you prefer. Don't forget a towel!

We do not provide wetsuits or waders as part of our COVID-19 safety plan. 

Do we have to get wet if we go in the water?
We have shallow areas meaning you can stay fairly dry and just get your feet wet. 

Are the sharks or rays dangerous? 

Absolutely not. These are gentle and friendly animals.

How old do you have to be to do the Shark Training and go in the water? 

Any age as long as anyone under 12 is with an adult.

How long do we get in the water? 

Usually as long as you want except for peak periods where we may have to introduce a time limit. 

Are there change-rooms? 

We have large toilets where you can get changed but we ask people to come dressed to go. 

Are there showers? 

Unfortunately not. We are on tank water and so are limited to how much water we can use.


Our Sharks and Rays

How many sharks and rays are there? 

Our goal is to treat as many injured sharks and rays as possible and get them rehoused. We also save a range of fish that would have been sold as food. So we look to have as many as 100 and hopefully never less than 50 depending on the demand.

How many species?
This can vary as well but predominantly the species we would save include

Blue Spotted Eagle Rays           Smooth Rays                     Gummy Sharks
Australian Stingaree                  Blue spotted Maskray      Eastern Fiddler Rays
Port Jackson Sharks                 Shovelnose Ray              

What other animals do you have? 

We are not just interested in saving sharks and rays. We work with fishermen to re-house

Long finned eels (they are cooler than they sound)
Other by-catch






Covid Safe Practices

How big is the shed? 

All up we have over 1300m2 of area. And we have seating for around 70 people in normal times.

How safe are we from Covid 19 transmission?

We have protocols that protect the public and our staff from Covid 19. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Everybody is asked to have a minimum 1.5m distance between groups

  • Washing hands upon entry.

  • No entry if anyone is showing signs of being sick.

  • All food serving products are single use and recyclable meaning no dishes to be washed.

  • All clients are recorded for contact tracing.

  • Any items used to feed the sharks and rays are disinfected after use.

  • All tables and seats are sanitised after use.